YATT! (Yet Another Top Ten)

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Jakob Nielsen has a new Top 10 Web-Design Mistakes of 2002. And for those who doubt that he has no sense of humour, check out mistake #3 (the missing part reads 3564-1663-4763-000071 exp. 12/04).

As usual, it's to be taken "avec des pincettes" as a raccourci such as

Style sheets unfortunately give websites the power to disable a Web browser's "change font size" button and specify a fixed font size.

is an over-simplification. As any other technology it can do bad things if used improperly. CSS can allow the end user to control the font size, and even in much more user-friendly form than the aforementionned "change font size" button (which I don't have on my browser). Check out Wired as an example and A List Apart for the mechanic.