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Your to-do list, soon in a feed near you?

There is some kind of conspiracy going on in my usual web sources that focuses on life hacks, more life hacks, getting things done, really Getting Things Done, etc.

I realized quite some time ago that the only to-do list that really works with me is my email inbox. I keep telling people that they should stop calling me, leaving voicemails, sending snail mail (if they actually want me to do something that is, I'm not an asocial animal). Just send me an email!

That will last until someone creates something like a personal to-do Atom/RSS feed that I'll subscribe to in my newsreader. That day, I'll be doomed.


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Well, they have. Two solutions -- Basecamp [1] spits out an RSS feed that includes to-do's (I wrote about it [2]). And Tasks 2.0 [3] and Tasks Pro [4] both do RSS feeds.

[1] http://www.basecamphq.com
[2] http://www.bmannconsulting.com/basecamp-overview
[3] http://www.alexking.org/index.php?content=software/tasks/content.php&show=2
[4] http://www.taskspro.com

I knew about both Basecamp and Tasks but I was more thinking about a way for OTHERS to place tasks in my to-do list which would then appear in a news feed.

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