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François Nonnenmacher

Last update: October 28, 2006

Internet expert, consultant, writer, speaker

With more than a decade of passion and hands-on professional experience, I developped a broad expertise about the internet as a whole: media, technology, standards, uses, trends, etc. I have the ability, and the business track record to prove it, to see the bigger picture, understand and address the business needs through creative and pragmatic uses of IT services, tools and technologies. Figuring and explaining how to use the internet for improving our lives, anticipating and assisting change, is what I love doing, writing on, speaking about. For more information about my services, please email me at .

Recent and most significant achievements

  • May 2006: launched the Capgemini CTO Blog, the first external official blog of the company, which I created after planting blogs on the intranet
  • Jan 2006: release of Blogueur d'entreprise, my book on business blogging, considered as a key reference (Edition d'Organisation, first editor of management books in France)
  • Sep 2005: completed "International Business Solutions", a select business training program of Capgemini University for future leaders of the company (our assignment was to deliver practical solutions to increase add-on sales)
  • May 2005: led the biggest redesign of the Capgemini web sites, moving the company to web standards

Past Employment

June 1998 - October 2006

Corporate Webmaster -- Capgemini Group, Paris

Capgemini is a company specialized in consulting, technology, outsourcing and professional services (61,000 people as on Dec 31, 2005 and 2005 revenues of 6,954 Million euros).

Within the Corporate Communications department, I led the Group's web presence, managed a few of its biggest web sites, created its web guidelines, designed and operated a global platform of web services, animated an international community of actors who design and run more than 30 public web sites worldwide.

The uniqueness of this position was in the interactions it provided: I dealt with all levels, cultures and profiles in the company, with its external audiences, with peers and the ever expanding web out there. My biggest challenge was, literally, to herd cats. They say I'm good at it.

Jan-June 1998

Independent Consultant

Various web and IT projects, the main one being program director on a 6 months project on real-time scoring and web publishing of rugby matches.


Senior Consultant -- Netscape Communications, Paris

World Wide Professional Services. Expertise on Internet/extranet/intranet markets, Netscape server products and enterprise solutions.

Consultant -- Apple Europe, Les Ulis

I designed, developed and rolled-out a sales business tool for the CEMEA market team. The challenge being to design and develop alone an entire middleware between the sales channels and SAP using 100% Apple technologies. They managed $85M of sales with it on the first year and it successfully passed Y2K and the euro (simple forward-thinking, but no one, client included, was stressing those issues at that time). In this role I gained an intimate knowledge of Apple's catalog, markets and business processes.


Euromaster Telecom -- France Telecom, Paris

Business Management Degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications.
I decided to take a professional degree from a Telco leader and reorient my career towards the IT business and the internet.


Production Director -- L3D, Paris/Nancy

L3D was a small but cutting-edge French innovator in the Rapid Prototyping/Stereolithography market. There I did technical and operational management: customers' needs evaluation, specifications, production, costs and profits, new projects studies and management, market watch and business choices. I moved them from their R&D focus to actually selling services to clients.


Sales Engineer -- C.M.A, Mandelieu (Cannes)

Production and team management responsibilities. Sales, projects management, customers follow-up, hands-on from quotations to delivery. CMA hired me to create their new Rapid Prototyping activity from scratch. When I left, it was the first activity in terms of revenue.


Research & Development Engineer. -- C.N.R.S, Nancy

At the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique I pursued an extension of my research program on Rapid Prototyping started on my last engineer school year. Heavy R&D stuff, I have my name on a few papers and a couple of patents. I worked on the team which registered the first patent on Rapid Prototyping, two weeks before the American competition.


Seasoned internet expert. First experience with the web in 1993 but online as early as 1984 (thanks to the Minitel).
Deep knowledge and experience in the IT industry, starting in 1980 (I was 14 when I touched my first computer).
Ability to work at all levels in the organization, and equally at ease speaking and working with business and technology people.
Articulate, analytical and methodic yet creative, autonomous, adaptable, open-minded, committed, team player, leadership, global vision, business oriented.
Bilingual English and French. Managed multicultural networking teams in about 30 countries.


1996-1997: Euromaster Telecom, a European Management Degree in IT and Telecom business. France Telecom, Paris.
1989: Advanced Degree in Process Engineering, INPL, Nancy.
1986-1989: Engineer, ENSIC-INPL, Nancy.

Other past and present experiences

Writings: I publish two blogs: one in English, one in French. I wrote a book on business blogging (Blogueur d'entreprise), two on stereolithography (referenced here, one co-authored for Dunod), and a few articles (like Web Standards for Business, or this one).
Consultant and conference speaker.
Board member of several non-profit and professional organizations.
Teacher in computer science, engineers school.

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