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This site, dubbed as an apprentice blog for the sake of a tortuous web/master joke, is the personal log of an incurable learner.

I used to turn I think, therefore I am into I learn, therefore I can, a thinker and doer approach which proved to be problematic in the corporate world where the powers-that-be are convinced that one cannot be both.

A friend from Québec recently gave me the secret recipe of balance that I instantly adopted to justify my apprentice condition:

C'est la règle des trois 'C': Connaissance, Culture, Curiosité.

I love that. The day I stop learning I may still be thinking, but I am not sure I will be alive.

For those who are looking for fine prints and disclaimers, please note that:

  • the opinions expressed on this site are mine and are not those of my current or former employers
  • I am a French citizen and this site is produced and published in France under which laws I therefore am protected and obligated. France still maintains -- although not necessarily forever -- provisions for fair use and strong intellectual property protection for authors (oeuvres de l'esprit)

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