December 07, 2002

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My name is François Nonnenmacher. I am currently working for Capgemini where I serve various functions such as webmonkey, chaos manager and corporate emergency hologram (but they prefer to call me their corporate webmaster).

My background is mostly technical, but I got my best grades in french rather than in mathematics. I started to play with my first computer in 1980 and never stopped since, discovered the “online” world in 1984 (The Minitel introduced e-commerce in France at that time — don’t ever say we’re late comers ;-) — turned into a Mac addict in 1986, graduated as an engineer in 1989 and worked in high-tech areas ever since. I got my first glance at the Internet in 1993 and my first ISP account in 1995.

French engineers learn basic but very important things: how to learn new things (usefull when you don’t want to do what you’ve been trained for) and how to manage alcohol (a key social skill in France). I guess I did not chose the technical way by accident, I have a taste for technology, skills to decipher it and appreciate aesthetics where there is some. But what I look into technology is what one can do with it, never technology by itself.

I have the chance to work and live in Paris, a city I truly love and where I was born in 1966.

Last time I checked (4/25/04) my Blogger Code was: B6 d+ t+ k s++ u f i— o x- e l c- (from B5 d+ t+ k+ s+ u f i o x- e l c- on 12/15/03 and B2 d+ t+ k s+ u f i++ o x- e- l c- on 4/4/03.)

You can read the long story in my curriculum vitae.

Posted by François at December 7, 2002 01:41 AM